Experts in Adjudication in the Construction Industry

If in doubt as to whether this applies to you check out our quick guide. Advice and Representation / Nomination of Adjudicators

Experts in Adjudication in the Construction Industry

First 4 Adjudication incorporates experts in all aspects of Construction Adjudication. Our highly specialised team regularly represent clients in adjudication matters. We also include members qualified to undertake the role of both Adjudicators and Arbitrators and who are included in a number of existing nominating body panels.

What is Adjudication?

Adjudications are designed to be a quick mechanism to resolve disputes in the construction industry. The process is designed to be binding on both parties, with no rights of appeal against a decision (although there are limited occasions when jurisdiction and decisions can be challenged). Even where you do not have a formal contract, or the contract does not have a procedure for Adjudication, the HCGRA 1996 (modified in 2009) imposes one.

Need help with an Adjudication?

The First 4 Adjudication team includes Barristers, Solicitors, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers and Planners, many of whom are dual qualified with both Legal and Construction qualifications. They are experts in the field of construction contracts, construction law and in managing disputes in the construction sector, dealing with adjudications on a daily basis.

As a team we take a pragmatic approach to construction disputes. As well as your legal position, it is important to appreciate what will be the most commercially sensible solution as well.

We appreciate that for many Clients this may be the first time that a dispute that has led to no other recourse than to settle via adjudication. From our experience firms can have many reasons for concerns, including:

  • Are you in a strong position contractually?
  • It goes against an ethos of non-contentious dispute resolution
  • How much will an adjudication cost?

We advise can advise you on the merits of your case, whether it is likely to be appropriate for referral to adjudication, what the cost/benefit is likely to be and ultimately what the chances are of success.

Need an Adjudicator?

At First 4 Adjudication we can assist you in finding an Adjudicator appropriate for your dispute. Adjudicators can have a range of expertise and experience so it is always worth thinking about what sort of person would be most appropriate to adjudicate on your matter.